Win an iPhone in RoyalDice!

Win an iPhone in RoyalDice!
Today, tomorrow and Thursday you can win a brand new iPhone! Ideal to play all your favorite GamePoint games on the go.

Play between 6AM-4PM EDT in the special 'Win iPhone' RoyalDice room for your chance to win! The winner will be announced in the chat at the end of the event around 4PM EDT.

The room opens just before 6AM EDT and will have enough space for everyone. See you there!

Play RoyalDice!

kgrace1 -
Thats not fair, I dont play dice games. So, do I just go in and wait?
AidaGP - 10 Oktober, 2017 12:08 PM
Eligibility is determined by playing an actual game within the special rooms. This event is optional, so if it's not your game, then keep an eye out for different future events. But otherwise, try it out as RoyalDice is pretty fun!
michelledrew75 -
Can you win these giveaways if you are Canadian???? The reason why I am asking is that you can't put in a Canadian address in your profile.
AidaGP - 10 Oktober, 2017 10:10 PM
Hi michelle! We (we = the team who organize giveaways and events that result in prizes) don't look at the filled in addresses. Whether or not something is filled in, we will always reach out to the player via chat or email and confirm an address that way rather than make assumptions. We've definitely had Canadian winners before (and from the US, and UK, and Ireland, and Australia, etc. etc.).

So all you need to do for this giveaway, is play in the special 'Win iPhone' rooms! Good luck
snuff6 - 10 Oktober, 2017 6:39 PM
I don't play dice. I also haven't been playing for it just seems like its harder an harder to win. An I received a email claiming I won something today. Well needless to say I logged in an NOTHING. WAS THAT JUST AWAY FOR YAS TO GET ME TO LOG IN. OWELL IM GONE BACK TO WISH. HAVE A GOOD DAY.
AidaGP - 10 Oktober, 2017 10:13 PM
Hi snuff6, according to your account, it says you're not signed up for our newsletters ( shame, we tend to give out free Coins in there). So I'm not sure what kind of email you've received. You can always send a screenshot of it to our Helpdesk and we can take a look.
MinnieMonster -
i quit,spents over 1000 in 3 weeks,just bought another 10k havent won a coin,im over it,i tried ,even making more accounts to try help keep this site floating but,i cant do it anymore and never get ahead,laterz
AcePlayer -
wow is that 1000 real money or coins? Try playing different games and for smaller amounts, then your coins will last longer, x
AcePlayer -
How long do you have to stay in the room for? I like dice but also play lots of different games, addicted to Card Party lol!
AidaGP - 11 Oktober, 2017 4:51 PM
Hi Ace, players only need to have played in those special rooms to be eligible. You don't need to wait/be online in there the whole time until the giveaway. But as the giveaway time gets closer, the room gets more exciting anyway
DianaA893 - 13 Oktober, 2017 12:50 AM
So who won?