The GamePoint Marathon starts today

The GamePoint Marathon starts today
On your marks, get set, go! 

Starting today until June 19th, everyone's pulling together in the GamePoint Marathon. The finish line will have amazing prizes that you determine, like iPhones, laptops, lifetime SuperVIP and brand new television sets! Maybe even 2-hourly gifts instead of 3-hourly! The more that the entire community plays, the better the prizes. So grab your friends and start running!

It's easy to participate and ensure the best prizes:

  • Every single Bingo Card counts individually. The more cards you play per round, the more you contribute.
  • Each RoyalDice game you play counts, no matter whether it's Party, Triple or Normal mode. Play Real time mode to maximize your contribution!
  • Every 1,000 spins in GamePoint Slots counts towards unlocking better prizes. Not bad while you're spinning for that BIG WIN.
  • Is another game your favorite? Don't worry, every single round you play contributes too!

Take a look on our GamePoint Marathon page to see all the prizes you can unlock. On June 20th, all Marathon runners (that's you!) have a chance to win the unlocked prizes just by coming online.

To make playing extra fun, we're also treating you to our famous Happy Hours: Enjoy Extra SuperBingos, the Golden Ball in Bingo and Full RoyalDice Jackpots between 1-4PM ET and 7-10PM ET!

Play Bingo!

kgrace1 -
Thank You Gamepoint. Looking forward to all of it. Have fun all, And play, play, play.
NataliaB135 -
AidaGP - 12 Juni, 2017 3:01 PM
Hi Natalie... Afraid I'm having a hard time understanding your question. But I'm glad your having fun. The more you play, the better the prizes for you and everyone!
TNT73 -
just another waste really Ive been playing on the site for a real long time and every give away is all hyped up and big disappointment each and everytime. wonders why i still play .... its not the game for sure its the friends made on here
AidaGP - 13 Juni, 2017 9:15 AM
As of this comment, everyone's games have added up to unlock the 3rd tier, which means on June 20th EVERYONE will get an extra one-time Coin gift. If everyone keeps going, the 5th tier is 2-hourly gifts, the 6th tier is that one-time Coin gift doubled and the 9th tier means the one-time Coin gift is tripled.

So you'll still benefit in the end Have lots of fun with your friends.