Last card free in Bingo Party

Last card free in Bingo Party
The Bingo Party room holds the most exciting pot every day. Exclusively for today's round, you'll get the last card FREE when you buy all the Bingo Party cards. Remember, every Bingo Card helps you unlock extra prizes for the big giveaway on June 20th at 3PM EST!

  • Buy up to 15 cards to increase your chances and get to last one free in this special round
  • Daubing is automatic and cards are saved, even if you leave the room or go offline
  • The round starts every day at 2PM EST and all your cards are automatically daubed (even if you're not in the room or online)

Get all the Bingo Party cards and the last one is FREE!

kgrace1 -
Wow, Thanks gp. But NO thanks. 1 card free. But, you spend 3 or 4 times that, Just to get 1 card. XXX gl all. Have a good weekend. And Happy dad day to all dads.
AidaGP - 16 juni, 2017 16:42
We like mixing it up! Sometimes it's like a raffle, sometimes it's extra Coins in the pot, etc. So everyone is free to play whenever or however they want (maybe without raining on their parades too).

And of course, Happy Father's Day!