Which amazing prize will be yours?

Which amazing prize will be yours?
You've all been combining your efforts into unlocking as many prizes as possible! Mark your calendars because Tuesday, June 20th is your chance to win one of them!

How do you become eligible? Make sure you're online in your favorite game starting 3PM ET for your chance to win. Click here to see exactly what we're giving away. There's still time to contribute, until Tuesday 3AM ET!

And don't forget to think about your dad, since it's Father's Day! So today we also want to put all the special dads out there in the spotlight and celebrate your special day with a gift!

Play now with a free gift to unlock the next prize!

RobinMoses1 -
I rather wins the coins, I am addicted to Bingo.. (GP) I also make a desposit when I can.. PLEASEEE let me win the big pile of coins..
AidaGP - 19 juni, 2017 10:42
For sure, we're adding to everyone's pile because on June 20th for 24 hours, we'll have 2-hourly Coins (instead of 3-hourly). But we'll see you and everyone for the giveaway where we'll be giving out lots of prizes!